The First Cut is the Deepest

We finally were able to begin some work on the theater room today. As the old song goes “the First Cut Is The Deepest”, and that certainly was literally true on this project. My plan calls for opening up the wall underneath the stair case to set the rack in to the wall between the closet and the main theater room.

I had a buddy come by to help me do some of the work as this was my first time cutting Sheetrock and studs. I’m glad I didn’t tackle this completely on my own.


We hoped it would be as simple as removing one stud, and cutting the footer. However, we quickly found the entire wall was kinda pieced together using construction remnants and it would not be that simple. Once the space was opened up we double checked to make sure the rack would fit in the opening with 1/2 inch drywall being framed around it.


The fit looks good. The wall although not load bearing itself was very deep due to a floor joist above it. This is great news because the rack only takes up a small amount of closet space as a result. Things will be pretty rough looking until we re-frame around the backside of the rack in the closet. From there some drywall, corner bead, and mud and it should begin to look pretty clean again.


The next challenge will be providing adequate electrical power to the rack. Currently my AC power needs at the rack are not that high. I do not have any large audio amplifiers in this installation. In time that may change and having a dedicated breaker installed in preparation for that would be prudent. Also, I would eventually like to install an uninterruptable power supply in the rack that utilizes a battery backup. From there an an in-wall rated Romex electrical line will run to the projector location. This will allow the projector to power down properly utilizing the batter backup in the event of an electrical outage. One unusual requirement for my installation is that the wall will also need an electrical outlet installed at roughly head level and to the right of the rack in the theater room. That outlet will provide power for the powered speaker used as a rear surround speaker. Most folks do not use self powered or amplified speakers. I would love to rock up the wall and finish everything off quickly but really that will all have to wait till some more power and low voltage wiring is wrapped up.


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