Stay Tuned! More to Come

Hey everybody!

Welcome to the home page for my blog about home theater and general tech “nerdery.” As you can see things are pretty bare bones as of now. I still need to settle on a theme and spruce things up a bit.

My hope is to keep this blog more opinion-editorial oriented regarding new trends in the consumer electronics industry, while also keeping a “home theater” focus. This would be in slight contrast to a site you may visit to research specific products. The net is full of that, and I’m happy to steer anyone towards my favorite places to learn more on the hobby. Despite that, I am sure I will be throwing my .02 cents up on products and services that come my way. Still, a dedicated “review site” this is not. I want to keep things much more fun and laid back for folks that aren’t looking to just read gear reviews.

So what is on my mind today?! Well, I hate to start on a downer but it is worth mentioning that Ray Dolby passed away yesterday at the age of 80 (of no relation is the musician Thomas Dolby, who recorded the hit “She Blinded Me With Science” by the way). He founded Dolby Labs in 1964 and mainly focused on technology to reduce noise on magnetic tape. In the 1970’s they pioneered “Dolby Stereo” which allowed a center and surround channel to be added to film and tape for theatrical playback. In 1982, they would introduce “Dolby Surround” for the home market. Thirty one years later we have Dolby True HD lossless audio in the home, and now Dolby Atmos in the theaters. Someone could easily write a book on everything Dolby. You have to be a real nerd to dig in deep to all of that… hence the blog name… I still think it’s amazing. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.


Okay, I have to end on a positive note. So, here is something Ray Dolby could appreciate, the audio cassette turns 50 years old today! Apparently, it first played at the Phillips Company headquarters in Amsterdam on this day, September 13th 1963. Although surpassed by digital media it once was the mainstay of mix tapes, essential to every teenager born prior to 1990. Unfortunately, it probably only still lives on today in old cars, cluttered basements and in the hands of “hipsters.”


Stay tuned…


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